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Ode to a lonely little spider
Wednesday, 18 November 2009 00:21

First teaser released, and yes, there will be a naked lady!!!

The production of “Ode to a lonely little spider”, a short animation movie based on the book by the dutch illustrator Sabine Ten Lohuis, is well in its way and we estimate completion in late December. I am responsible for character modeling, animation and editing on this project.


"Itsy Bitsy Spider
is feeling quite sad
because a real friend
is the one thing
he never had
 And so he tries to find 
the reason why people
aren't acting so kind."

This is how it goes on the back cover of Sabine's book that inspired the short movie. The piece is a mix between a children book and a slightly more grown up comedy illustrated in a very well drawn black and white, pencil and marker, minimalist way.

The idea for the project was born from the passion for animation shared by both me and Sabine and the opportunity to show our work in a Rotterdam based short movie festival.

We thought this book was a great medium to create an entertaining short movie that mixes very traditional techniques with very disguised 3D art and modern CG.

We are also working on a "making of" and documenting our work and all will be published here.




+1 #1 2010-08-21 00:11
when is this broadcast to the internet? id love to watch!

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