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DGLib - Graphics library for javascript
Saturday, 28 November 2009 16:47

Read More: DGLib - Graphics library for javascriptDGLib is a Javascript graphic library that provides tools that facilitate the creation and management of content inside canvas elements in web pages.

With HTML 5 out there on the loose, this might come in handy!! And... in case you are wondering... Yes!! it stands for David's Graphics LIBrary.

AutoFacebook Joomla! Plugin
Wednesday, 18 November 2009 00:07

Read More: AutoFacebook Joomla! Plugin


Since 02/03/2010 there might have been changes to the Facebook API that cause AutoFacebook 1.0 to throw the error:

'parameter attachment-fb_checkin-author_uid or session key required'

lets follow this to find out whats happening:

This is where it started to show up:

AutoFacebook is my first release on Joomla! extensions directory. And guess what? it was developped for this very website!! So go add me on facebook and see it working, or download it here and try it for yourself!

This plugin allows you to automatically post the title, a link and extra text of your Joomla! articles to your facebook status message.